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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Full-time Gardener Needed!

I am searching for an honest, hardworking farmhand to work on our suburban garden in Alabang full-time.
Applicant must have farm experience (organic or non-organic), must be from Northern Luzon (preferably), must be willing to undergo additional training for organic farming, and should be willing to relocate to Muntinlupa.

Please email resume to:
gulaygirl AT gmail DOT com

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Raw food

Hey all!

Are you interested in attending a raw food prep class? I have been raw on and off since last year - mostly to get the health benefits! I've met a few people who've become healthier just going on high raw, and they inspire me to keep going!

                 Portabello burgers. Yummy. These taste really good, even for non-raw foodies!


How'd your garden fare during Basyang?

Grass trimmer

I am officially scouring the market for a grass trimmer and/or gardening shears!!!
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