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What's on my plate

I'm back on raw,  plant-based food, but no longer on 80/10/10. I still eat a lot of fruit, but I also eat a lot of fats from coconut, avocado, pili and walnut. I was advised to also do a lot of omega 3s through flax, hemp, and chia.  I'm also doing a lot of green juicing, such as variations of the lemon ginger blast with different kinds of greens, and a sayote to sub for apples. I'm also doing probiotics, enzymes and B12.

I was led to a raw food lifestyle in 2010 when I prayed for healing, because I knew I couldn't do a lifetime on steroids to "manage" my autoimmune disease and never heal it and worse, add kidney damage to the equation. I was at my wit's end but God sent me random folks who told me about the raw food lifestyle. He even showed me people who actually healed through a combination of raw foods, detox protocols, sunshine, enough drinking water, and exercise.

Have I been a hundred percent faithful to this lifestyle? Certainly not. But a relapse in my health conditions compels me to get back on it. I have backslidden so many times, but I'm hoping that this time, I could keep at it until I finally do heal. So many others have done it successfully. My challenge is to stay on track, stay grateful, and eat and drink to the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31). Could you send me a note of encouragement? I would really appreciate that!

17 April 2017

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