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Friday, January 28, 2011

Natural bug zappers

Have you ever wondered why certain bugs like to flock to light bulbs? Apparently, you can use the same principle to attract them to a natural bug zapper in your garden! Take a yellow party plate and smother it with organic homemade glue and voila! The bugs stay on the party plate and not on your garden shrubs.

Hmm... I wonder if this is why fly paper is usually yellow....

Does anyone want to try this?

Or do you prefer letting garden spiders do their work? I was in Silang, Cavite recently and noticed these critters abounding along the highway, by the trees and electrical wires. Noo-neee-nooo!

What about homemade organic pesticide?

What is your favorite way to keep the pests away from your plants?

Simply Raw February 5th, 3-6pm

Click on the photo to enlarge. 

*Disclaimer: This is an advertisement post. I have tried Asha's classes and I think they are helpful. 
I don't get discounts and/or freebies for posting these announcements. 

Bring a pen! Asha provides a hardcopy of the recipes, but you might want to jot down important info shared during class. A camera is helpful too :D

Also, if you wrote to her beforehand about your food allergies, give her a helpful reminder so that a portion is set aside for you without the allergens. She is accommodating about these, but if there is more than one of you with specific food requirements, it is best to let her know before each recipe is preferred. I can imagine it is hard to keep track! I remember in one class, 1 was allergic to bananas, 2 couldn't have tomatoes, 2 couldn't have garlic and onions, and 1 high-maintenance gal couldn't have tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, zuchinni, and soy. Good times.

 Check the ingredients on your handout so you can warn Asha and/or those assigned to prepared the food. (Yes, it is a hands-on workshop.)

Enjoy! :D



Gabrielle* is into vermicomposting! She gets a special spot on Gulay Girl for being one of the most adorable and inspiring vermicomposters this side of town!

I asked permission from her dad Ed to put up his little photo album complete with his captions! Check it out below :D 

How to Start Vermicomposting!

First you get TWO bins.
The more opaque the bins the better it is for the in-the-bin community.
(We got lesser opaque bins to see the side and witness how trash is 'transformed' to soil.)

Anyways, to rectify this,
we will wrap manila paper around the bins so they will have their privacy.

Using a drill, put holes around the bin (of the one bin only).

Drill holes on the side-top portion (6 per length, 4 per width)
Drill holes on the cover (14 holes)
Drill holes on the bottom (5 holes).

Holes are for air circulation as well as water to seep through.

Others usually do not do this anymore.
But we covered the holes with mosquito net & sealed it with tape.
Note that this is an indoor bin.
Mahirap ng may makalusot. 
hehehe :-)

Others usually do not do this anymore.
But we covered the holes with mosquito net & sealed it with tape.
Note that this is an indoor bin.
Mahirap ng may makalusot. 
hehehe :-)

On the second bin,
put support before putting the other bin on top.
We do this to create space for air circulation.

Now to put the housing bin. :-)


Then the household trash.
First, create the bedding -- ideal bedding are cut up paper, carton, etc.
Spread it evenly.

Then moisten the bedding.

Then add the kitchen, garden trash.

Mental note.
For next cycle, get gloves for Gabrielle!
So that it is easier for her to handle trash!!

Plastic gloves!! Hahaha! G na G!!

Spread the garden and kitchen trash evenly.

"Now that is 1 layer of paper trash + kitchen/garden trash.
Now, do the same procedure 3 times."

Add paper trash again, moisten the paper, then add the layer of kitchen/garden trash...
and so on.

Let it SIT for 1 to 2 weeks
before adding 1 kilo worm. :-)

Why sit for 1 or 2 weeks?
To let the decomposition happen.

But after 1 week, I think it is OK already to add the new house mates. :-)

Welcome home, ANCs**! :-) 

After 1 Week,
looks like the new house is ready. :-)


Now to create space on the side.

Then to start transferring the ANC to their new 'house'.

Siksik! ... siksik!

Now it's Gabrielle's turn ...

*Gabrielle is an alias.
**ANCs stand for African nightcrawlers

Q and A:

How old is Gabrielle? How did she get into vermicomposting?

What do you plan to do with the vermicompost? 

What is currently in your garden now?

I heard about this project in August 2010. Does she still do this?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Raw Food Prep Classes

January 29 - Fermenting
February 12 - Sprouting
Contact Aileen de Guzman for pricing, directions, etc.
890-9161 (0919-2127190)

Please note that the dates are subject to change. Be sure to contact Aileen directly for any last-minute changes.
Aileen's website:

That's me in the black shirt. I took Aileen's class last year and started making green smoothies soon after! Hers is a really good version for beginners.  Thanks to Aileen for letting me steal this photo off her website.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dance or Desserts? Raw dessert preparation in Pasig!


Here are a couple of dishes I enjoyed learning at the Dahon Kusina classes: (Asha, I stole the photos off your Facebook!)

This is a yummy dish! It looks hard - (requires making thin slices and rolling) but you can make an un-fancy version that tastes just as good! Use the same ingredients and mix them all together without any rolling or food styling :D Works for me :D Although I've seen unskilled hands do the rolling with spoons successfully!

Chocnut brittle! Yumsters! The recipe for this is really easy, not to mention great way to get VCO into your food prep!

Are you still thinking of going? There are two slots left!



Or squint really hard so you can read the contact info on the flyer.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

We have a winner! (Rawkin' Gift Ideas)

Congrats to Chin-chin for putting together her own list of Rawkin' Gift Ideas! I am so thrilled she took the time to do this. My favorite item on her list is #10: Organic cotton aprons and towels ! I actually wanted to get some for myself - found some recently while I was at a raw foodist's store, but I didn't have enough cash on hand to buy it and the store owner didn't have a credit card machine. 

Anyhoo, here is Chin-chin's winning entry, with everything intact. I just put in a few comments in pink

Chin-chin, I will be in touch with you regarding the delivery. Just by being the first winner in my blog's first contest, you have an extra surprise waiting for you in addition to the prize items! Congrats!

Chin-chin's list of TOP 10 RAWKIN' GIFT IDEAS :)

1. Lock and Lock food containers and water jugs

-whether it's to store nuts and seeds in your pantry or fruits in the refrigerator or freezer, one can never have enough lock and lock food containers. Lock and Lock also has cool gift sets on sale this season.  

Yes! I was at SM before Christmas and they have some Lock and Locks available at a 20% discount. I hope they still have them on sale!

2. Insulated food containers 

-for your food and drinks to stay cool when you bring them to work, office, or even just a picnic

3. Raw food books

-there are many raw food books such as "Everyday Raw" by Matthew Kenney, "Superfoods" by David Wolfe, or "The Complete Book of Raw Food." Just double check that you don't give double.

I also like High Raw by Kevin Gianni (a free raw e-book available on his website), Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Food by Renee Loux Underkoffler, and 12 Steps to Raw by Victoria Boutenko.

4. Yoga class gift certificate

-because exercise keeps us healthy and happy

5. Goji berry or Goji berry juice

-instead of the cacao powder, make an extra effort to make it a little more special. Goji berry is a yummy superfood to use in desserts, smoothies or to just eat by itself.

I just bought a trail mix containing Goji berries! Haven't eaten them yet though.

6. Assorted seeds to plant and basic gardening tools

-A variety of seeds for your friend to start his or her own vegetable patch plus some simple gardening tools will serve like a vegetable/herb patch starter kit

Love this!

7. Assorted toiletries from Human <3 Nature

-organic, local, and affordable... how could you go wrong? they also have organic cosmetics available.

I know some of their products aren't organic. Be sure to check their labeling. Some of their items are labeled "natural", and these are not necessarily organic. Gotta appreciate their candor though!

8. Adopt and name a tree after your friend

-when you plant or adopt a tree (there are projects like these such as in La Mesa Water Shed) you can name it. Name it after your raw friends and give them the certificate.

Ooh, please plant a fire tree! Please plant a fire tree!

9. A fruit basket

-but not just an ordinary fruit basket! Make it themed! If you're giving a Christmas gift, make the fruits red and green. If for a birthday, fill the basket with fruits of their favorite color.

Great idea! Raw foodists might not appreciate apples from China. That calls for a separate blog post!

10. Organic cotton aprons and towels

-since raw foodists prepare most of their food, organic cotton aprons and towels for the kitchen will be very much appreciated. Even cotton shirts, too!

Yes, yes! Love it!

Happy New Year everyone! Stay tuned because there will be another contest real soon!

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