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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rawkin' Gift Ideas for your Raw Friends

1. Live sukang tuba.

Raw foodies who don't yet own ozonators love to use this to soak their fruits and veggies! It's also perfect for making veggie kinilaw, and all the other yummy veggie dishes. We can't get enough of this!

2. Virgin coconut oil.

We love making raw desserts with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil! Almond-chocolate bites anyone?

3. Extra virgin olive oil.

Look for the expeller-pressed kind.

4. Gift certificates.

5. Potted herbs.

Basil, mint, parsley, oregano, marjoram, etc. etc.

6. Kitchen equipment.  

Knives, knife sharpeners, bamboo sushi mats, cutting boards, zesters, storage bins, sprouting jars, compost bins, dehydrators (hahaha, asa pa!). Sky's the limit!

7. Raw food demos.

Sponsor a raw friend's food demo. Or take a class yourself and surprise him/her with your new raw-mazing kitchen skills! Lessons by Bahay Kalipay (I heard they are coming back to Manila in January!) and Dahon Kusina.

What other gift ideas rawk? Let me know!! In the subject line, write "Rawkin' Gift Ideas for your Raw Friends". Please include your full name and delivery address. For condo addresses, please inform guards to accept items on delivery. Deadline for entries is December 31st, 2010 :)  

The best response wins a set of 3 pieces of item #5 (Potted herbs) AND and a gift certificate in the equivalent amount of your currency (basis will be Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas rates) at a raw restaurant nearest you.   A winning entry from overseas (outside the Philippines) will get item #2 (Virgin coconut oil) plus the gift certificate. 

This contest has expired.


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