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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dance or Desserts? Raw dessert preparation in Pasig!


Here are a couple of dishes I enjoyed learning at the Dahon Kusina classes: (Asha, I stole the photos off your Facebook!)

This is a yummy dish! It looks hard - (requires making thin slices and rolling) but you can make an un-fancy version that tastes just as good! Use the same ingredients and mix them all together without any rolling or food styling :D Works for me :D Although I've seen unskilled hands do the rolling with spoons successfully!

Chocnut brittle! Yumsters! The recipe for this is really easy, not to mention great way to get VCO into your food prep!

Are you still thinking of going? There are two slots left!



Or squint really hard so you can read the contact info on the flyer.



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