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Monday, February 14, 2011

Green smoothies at the gym

After months of putting it off - I started going to my office's gym. Yay!

Before we can use the facilities on our own, we need to get clearance via a physical fitness test. I hated these things in grade school, but this time around I wanted to fully embrace the experience, even looking forward to the shuttle run. (Naks) Alas, no shuttle run. Gym guy made me do modified push-ups, stretches, sit-ups, toe-touching, and the treadmill for 30 minutes instead.The treadmill was boring. I wanted to go fast but Gym Guy made be do 3.0 kph. Nothing is dorkier than having an emergency stop string attached to your gym clothes while you are going at a granny's pace. I didn't even break out a sweat. I was able to answer a text on my cel. When he wasn't looking and I wasn't paying attention, I accidentally (promise, accidental talaga!) yanked the emergency stop string. So I manually placed the speed to 3.5 kph.  The highlight of the treadmill was a short brownout and a cute guy jogging by. (We have a nice oval on the roofdeck of the building, and the track is visible from the treadmills. There is also a badminton court but I can't play unless I "pass the physical fitness test").

I found it amusing when Gym Guy pointed to my bottle of green smoothie when he was taking my blood pressure.

Ano yan? Choco ba yan?

Green smoothie. Gawa siya sa green leafy veggies, saging, mangoes o kaya ibang
fruit, etc.

Blank look.

Masarap siya!

He wasn't convinced. May takip ba yan?

Sheepishly. Uh, wala. Mental note: Must bring a different bottle next time.

He asked me a couple more times during the physical fitness test if the bottle had a lid, but he never went out and said, "Bawal yan", which I think he was itching to say. I guess he was concerned I'd mess up the gym floor. He also made me stop doing sit-ups when I slowed down and I hadn't even finished the 30 seconds yet. Hmmm. Not good. Honestly, I think he was being nice, but I wasn't looking for nice. I was looking forward to having a drill sargeant instill some gym discipline and enforce the rules. Next time, I'll try Gym Guy #2 or Gym Girl and maybe ask about compound exercises.  Per Kuya Kevin, this is what I need to gain lean muscle, one of my health goals for 2011. I did some additional searching and found raw recipes from Vegan Bodybuilding as well. 

Which kind of gym person are you? Do you like it when your spotter goes easy on you, or do you want to be challenged? What are your health goals for 2011? 

*Sorry Gym Guy #1. I appreciate that you were nice.  I just need some other kind of trainer who will help me in reaching my fitness goals; someone who will be able to put his foot down when I'm not doing things correctly. I'm sure you are an a-ok person. I just can't have a lax teacher.  It's nothing personal. 


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