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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Avocado Tree/Bocca B Sunbeam Catcher Beautiful Pink Tea

This is Bocca B, my teeny little avocado tree who loves feasting on coffee grounds and organic compost!

 Bocca B, 
my teeny little super tree,
oh how I like thee!

Green sunbeam 
catchers make beautiful pink tea - 
great for the kidney!

Tea party
guests who try it will all agree -
great tea = caffeine-free!

Ten long years
before you become all fruity - 
that's just fine by me!

* * *

Bocca B Green Sunbeam Catchers Beautiful Pink Tea

7 leaves of the Bocca B
A liter of clean, fresh water (preferably filtered) - not tap water

Bring water to a boil.
Reduce the heat.
Place 7 leaves of the Bocca B tree in the water. Put the lid on the cookware and let simmer until the water turns pink.
Turn off the heat. 
Let the tea cool to room temperature.
Pour into beautiful tea cups!
Call all your fellow Anne of Green Gables fans ages 9 and up to have a mostly raw food tea party! 
Look Ma, no caffeine! This is waaay better than drinking sugar-laden pretend-tea orange juice!

* * *

(I heard that another kidney cleanser tea is the edible weed pansit-pansitan. I usually like my pansit-pansitan raw, in a green smoothie. But if you want to try pansit-pansitan tea, just steep the pansit-pansitan leaves in a nice tea pot filled with boiling water.)

Can you tell I'm happy that my nephrologist said my kidneys are a-ok? :D

***If you have kidney problems, it's best to listen to your doctor, not to me :D


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