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Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 years high raw!!! (Celebrations part 1)

I have been delivering food to a friend in Makati since June 2015. She has had enough of poor health and is wanting to incorporate healthier food into her diet.

These are different from the mono meals which I eat most of the time, but they closely resemble foods a normal person would eat except that some allergens are taken out and the food is uncooked, and are a great introduction to eating healthy, so that the gourmet taste is still there and they are not at all boring. Because they are gourmet raw, they tend to be higher in fat due to the seeds and nuts.  I soak them in order to remove the enzyme inhibitors in the seeds/nuts and to make the nutrients more bioavailable. These resemble the foods I started eating five years ago, which jumpstarted my path to healing. They are raw, but prepared classically. All these provide the dishes a rich taste that people look for in regular food, but because of all the plants, feel lighter, even though the volume is bigger.

Here are sample menus I have planned for her:

1:  Banana green smoothie
     Zucchini pasta and live marinara
     Live lemon bars

2:  Pineapple malunggay green smoothie
     Spicy hand rolls and mango chutney
     Jicama rice

I am excited that she is taking an active role in her health and I am praying for breakthroughs for her! :)

Psalm 34:8


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