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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am really excited to start organic gardening! 

We have always had our garden in Alabang, but I never took an interest in it until I started to go hardcore vegetarian, which was 2008. I was vegan, living in Medina, WA, and I had a housemate who was into organic composting. She was into green smoothies and making salads, all with ingredients from her garden, while I made most of mine from produce from the grocery. (I wasn't even into smoothies then!) Then a few other friends in the Seattle area showed me lovely, pesticide-free produce from their backyard vegetable gardens. While teaching at a Montessori school, I met parents and colleagues who were into organic products and farmer's markets. 

It was only recently that I discovered  how enjoyable it is to feel the soil in my hands, being out with Vaughn (our half Belgian-mastiff, half-Doberman), watching him eat mangoes and macopa (yes, he loves fruit!). 

Right now there are parts of the garden that need to be rehabilitated because of some soil problems. It has become a bit rocky and sandy. For those parts, I've begun direct soil incorporation organic composting. 

In this blog, I'll posting about how I am getting my garden started, the bugs along the way, troubleshooting, updates on the soil rehab project, and just the sheer enjoyment of  being outdoors in 90-degree weather all year round! 

See ya around :)


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