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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Market-to-Plate Tour Launch May 22, 2010

Southern gardeners, (or gardeners not from the south who want to take a trip on down)

I am attending this event by Pinoy Organics and Feed 5000. There is a market tour, followed by a cooking demo by Chef Len Santos.  Based on the info I've gathered at the site, it seems like a way to connect participants to sources of organic produce, such as rice, at market prices. It's good marketing. (Sorry for the pun) I don't really mind falling for it though - just as long as I get the info on where the herbs and other produce are!

I don't know the organizers personally, but I think it would be great to come since the fee is P1000 and it includes materials and the food tour. What it doesn't include is gardening materials if you want to get your hands dirty. I am bringing my own!   I do know that my contact at Pinoy Organics is "Jhoey", and that s/he will be part of the tour, and that a few people attending aren't familiar with BF, hence the many changes to the meeting venue.  I'm not posting those here as they are subject to change.  Anyway, come!

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