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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Independence from Salt!

I am going to try to be salt-free in the dishes I have control over from here on out.

Instead of salt, I am going to experiment with the naturally-occurring salty taste in seaweed (dulse, kelp, wakame, nori, and the Philippines' very own lato).

I still have a jar of evaporated sea salt for soaking nuts and seeds with, but this will be purely for soaking now.

Of course, if I am at a raw food potluck or resto, I won't have control over the salt used, but I won't fret over what's outside my sphere of influence.

What kind of ingredients are you seeking independence from?

Happy Philippine independence day! :D

What's on my spice shelves? Top Shelf: sukang tuba, expeller-pressed olive oil, two jars of  seeds, Epsom salt, rosewater. Lower Shelf: VCO, organic vanilla (this one has alcohol though. no alcohol-free versions in the Philippines-boo!), Angel seaweed, evaporated sea salt, cinammon and paprika, capers, another bottle of olive oil, tree bark tea, raw cacao nibs

2017 Update: I am taking sea salt again!


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