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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stuff Raw Foodists Like #8: Not Telling the Guests the Food You Brought to a Potluck is Raw then Watching their Reactions When They Rave About the Food and Ask You How You Made It

There are few people I can play this trick on now, but whenever I have the chance, I love getting the MasterCard "priceless" jaw-drop reactions!

A favorite recipe I love to share (since it keeps so well), is Ani Phyo's Coconut Breakfast Cake, pictured below with dehydrated blueberries that were rehydrated and blended with dates.

Any berry can be blended with dates to make the yummy sauce :D

The "butter" is made from olive oil and some sea salt and then frozen in a plastic mold. It melted by the time I got to the potluck, (Makati traffic will do that to you!) but it was still appreciated.

The "syrup" is any raw sweetener. In this recipe, I used wild Palawan wild, raw honey.

Another recipe I love to share is  Wok This Way Stir No Fry. I've tried the sauce with different combinations of veggies and it is always a winner. I don't use nama shoyu/Bragg liquid aminos, but I always tell the guests they can try it if they want. Instead of agave nectar, I use Palawan wild, raw honey.


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