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Friday, July 15, 2011

Stuff Raw Foodists Like #9: Not Having to Get a Liposuction/Pay for Some Expensive Body Slimming Treatment/Go on a Crazy Diet that Will Make Me Hungry or Irritable Just to Lose Weight

                                              My size 2 clothes which I gave away to create space  for my size 0 clothes!

No liposuctions! Or Marie France visits! Or irritability! Or hunger!

Anyone who goes raw finds that weight loss is really easy. I wasn't looking to lose weight, just aiming to get healthier.  

I'm a pear, and because I lived abroad for three years, and didn't have the healthiest habits, I couldn't get rid of glut fat no matter how much I exercised. 

Back then, a housemate from China tactlessly commented : you have a big butt. :( I couldn't argue with that, even though it super hurt :(

Fast forward to mid August-December 2010 when I was close to 100% raw, and the healthiest I ever felt.

Post-college, I was a size 0 on top,  but downstairs I was a size 2. Going raw (not even going just vegetarian) helped me become a consistent size 0. It is so much easier to buy dresses now, and I hardly need to get them altered!

 A word of caution: It is difficult to get in calories on raw, so be sure that you get more carbohydrates than fat, especially when you are exercising. This recipe contains a lot of fat. It isn't the kind of dish you should be eating daily. 

* * *

I have a friend who is on a different diet. It is a diet that is high on animal protein, low in carbs, and to top it off, the doctor who designed it says exercise is optional. 


My friend is losing weight, sure, (which is really her goal) but she is always hungry and cheating, and since starting the diet, has gotten sick 4 times, in a span of 7 months.  

Personally, I would steer clear of any "health" regimen that says exercise is optional. Exercise is very important. Exercise strengthens the bones, builds muscle, engages the lymph system, creates endorphins, and excretes toxins. 

Eating too much meat is also not advisable for Asians. If you have the time or inclination, you might want to read a study that shows that meat-eating, dairy-consuming Asians are prone to osteoporosis (One study is the Cornell-Oxford-China Nutrition Project). In addition, The China Study shows how people eating high protein diets experience more Western diseases, like cancer, heart attacks, hypertension and diabetes. Initially, the study wanted to find out why there was a high incidence of liver cancer in children in the Philippines. The study thought it was due to the high consumption of peanuts and corn containing toxins, but eventually, it was found out that "children who ate the highest [animal] protein diets were the most likely to get liver cancer." (The China Study)

*   *     *

I am not, I repeat, not a doctor or nutritionist. Whatever I post here is based on my personal experience and research. Be discerning. Not everything raw vegan is healthy either!



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