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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rainy Day Pesto to go with Broccoli-Mushroom Salad

leaves of fresh mint (Available at your favorite weekend market)
leaves of fresh thyme (Available at the Salcedo Market)
1 head, broccoli
1 cup or more mushrooms
2 cloves deveined garlic - Slice the garlic clove in half and remove the sprout in the middle. Deveining the garlic is optional. 
1 cup walnuts*
1/4 c pine nuts*
1-2 t olive oil
Nutritional yeast to taste (Available at Healthy Options)
Sweetener to taste-raw honey is great (Palawan wild raw honey is my fave!), you might also want to try pitted dates (available at Assad), or a single raw, dried mission fig (available at Healthy Options) I don't really like using agave nectar. Or the other processed "raw" sweeteners out there.
Nori, one-two sheets (Dahon Kusin is selling raw nori!)
Basil or other sweet herbs. My supplier, Shinozaki Yasutaka, gave me a kind of local peppermint that smells like basil but tastes a little minty. Will get back to you on the name again. If I forget, send me a note on the kontactr form.

*Soak the nuts for eight hours in mineral water. Throw out the soak water, then rinse before using the recipe.


Just place everything in a high-speed blender (for a coarser pesto) except for the mushrooms, broccoli, mint and thyme. Use the tamper to push down ingredients to process.

Or, I can imagine this would be creamier in a food processor. Sigh. Would love to own a food processor one of these days!

For the salad, put together broccoli florets from a head of broccoli, about a cup of mushrooms, and (optional): other greens.

This recipe is high in Manganese, Manganese and Phosporus.

It also has trace amounts of:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Pant. Acid

This recipe contains 83% fat, 10% carbs, and 7% protein. Yes, protein.


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