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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Juice Fast Journal

Before Day 1.

That morning, I drank about 1.5 liters of water. Then about 10-15 minutes later, I drank calamansi water. Then after an hour I drank a green smoothie. For lunch I ate steamed salmon and steamed toge (mongo bean sprouts), no oil, no salt, no pepper. Drank lots and lots of water in between. For merienda, I had a banana-strawberry-kangkong smoothie, no water. I think it was about 12 saba bananas, and maybe 2 kilos of strawberries, with the sepals on (that's what you call those green leafy-looking things on the berries right? Oops, I hope my botany teacher isn't reading this!) and the leaves of a whole bunch of kangkong. No water in the actual smoothie. Drank water thirty minutes later. For dinner, I planned to put two watermelons in a blender, but after the first watermelon I felt full!  (Maybe it's the fiber from the seeds? I don't throw the seeds out; I let the blender crush them. Don't do this if you are using a regular blender, k? I use a 2-horse power blender)  Anyway, I think I'll eat this other melon for breakfast when I begin breaking the fast. Before bedtime, I took some tea to cleanse the digestive system so that the nutrients from the juice for the upcoming week would be more easily absorbed. I put my blender and rice cooker away!
I slept at 10.

Day 1.

I woke up my usual time, around 6, but I didn't get up until 6:30 :) 

I didn't notice if I was feeling sluggish. 
 No cravings. Although I did make mental notes on where I wanted to eat and what food to order after the fast :)
I took the elevator going up to my floor for a change. (I think I won't take the stairs going up this week to conserve energy. Oops, I did it going to the gym/badminton court around noon.Nope I didn't exercise. I went up without my gear just to say hi to the folks and take this photo as a spectator. :) But it was just one flight in between. . I didn't feel deprived watching them play. I was thinking about something for Saturday. 

Woot! I received a barrage of prayer requests. Whoa. How do I pray for them all? 
All in all, I drank 6 bottles of juice spaced approximately 2.5 hours from each other, with lots of water in between. Some of the juice I'm drinking isn't organic. I have a feeling the apples are from China. But oh well. It has some nutritional value still. I thought about cashew nut milk someone gave me for free, but I was thinking there would be solids in it. And I want this to be a completely solid-free juice fast. I'm thinking of freezing it to make ice cream after the fast. I could use the vanilla bean I got in Silang, Cavite and the rest of the saba that's almost ripe. Maybe a few cacao nibs. Hmmm hmmm hmm. Oooh yum. Sige :) Anobayan??!!!! I am not supposed to be thinking of food.
Went to PW at 7pm, chatted a bit with folks, but I didn't feel like hanging out so I could get home early and sleep early. I wrote some reflections.Then went to bed.
I wasn't hungry on Day 1! Even though people were talking about food and how much they miss it. I also felt alert. Uh-mazing.

Day 2

I woke up earlier today. Around 4am :) I beat the alarm by 2 hours! I drank .650 l of water, then about an hour later, I drank calamansi water with a bit of probiotics made from honey.
Morning exercise: Sit-ups
A thought I had on my way to work: I think I need to gargle or brush after drinking so I don't stain my teeth with the juice, especially the beet-pineapple juice :)
I wrote only one thing on my agenda for the day. :) Which I finished only half of!
9:23. I am a little hungry. Time for more juice. I am supposed to sip the juice slowly, I think, to let it predigest in my mouth. But oh my. I was gulping down a lot of juice. Hungry hungry.
I'm a little sleepy.
I wanted to hang out after prayer watch, but after a 30-minute meeting I decided go. 
Slept at 9:30pm :) Yay!

Day 3

I beat the alarm, but only by a few minutes. I drank a cup of calamansi water. Then I drank another .650 liters of water with a bit of probitics. (Yesterday, the calamansi-honey probiotic concoction didn't taste too good, so I drank the calamansi and probiotics apart from each other)
I am not feeling as alert as I was on Days 1 and 2. I even sent a text to someone it wasn't meant for :P
I have a windburn on my upper lip. I think tomorrow I should use a straw. 
I'm going online later to check prayer watch live stream. Then sleeping right away.
I am trusting in God for supernatural strength on Saturday. :)
I'm also a little cold.
Checked in with an accountability partner who is also struggling. 
I tell myself to smile intentionally.
On the upside: I was at a meeting and someone told me I looked younger. :) Someone brought green juice to the meeting and offered me some. Another person said, if I drank that I'd start looking like an infant. :) :) :)
I wasn't sure I could make it to PW tonight. I even told someone I'd just catch it on livestream, but I was in Makati in 30 minutes! I was only 3 minutes late. Oh yez! Caught up with my former dgroup leader :) She's the reason I made it to the first ever Volunteers Party in 2011 :) Love it :)
Ugh! I have a zit near my nose. It hasn't erupted but I know it's about to. Oh please, please, don't let it come out on Saturday! 
I felt more alert in the evening. Weird.This time I wanted to hang out and 'visit' after PW. As in. But I left right away. Slept at 9:30.

*A sidenote: A coworker's dog started drinking green juice and the mange went away. Hmmm.... Vaughn??? Sydney???

Day 4

I beat the alarm again! This time I woke up at 5. Drank .5 l water. Did some crunches without weights. After 30 minutes I drank .650 liters water with 4 calamansi. Then I drank another 1.5 liters of water with liquid honey probiotics. Got to work at 7:35!  I took the escalator but I didn't climb. I just let it bring me to my floor. :) First time in 2012 and in a while :)
Windburn is gone. Zit looks unsure if it wants to come out or not though. Urgggh.
I noticed my lack of alertness yesterday in a draft I wrote in email. So funny when you are not 100% :)
This morning though, I feel more alert, and I thoroughly enjoyed Quiet Time. Looking forward to PW later :)

Day 5

I took a birthday leave from work. The problem with not juice fasting at work and doing errands (I went to LTO to renew my license and did some errands for tomorrow's outreach) is the absence of the water cooler. The physician at LTO said my blood pressure was pretty good. I think it went up a bit though when this lady cut me in the line. Urgh. Why do I let things like this get to me? I should be able to let it go. I look healthy in my new license picture. The zit is still there and it is red, though :(  I think I felt dehydrated by the end of the day, even though I was drinking only liquid. So I just drank lots of water in the evening.

Day 6

Outreach day! I'm not hungry. Just super excited. I drank juice and lots of water while waiting for others to arrive, but I don't think I drank enough water, at the outreach. Zit is still there, but it is smaller. 
Sooo tired, but feeling uber blessed. I missed PW tonight. I'll catch the youtube video tomorrow. Lots to share. Next time na lang. I slept at 10 but it felt like 11.

You can't see the zit in this pic. Yay. 

Day 7

I drank calamansi water. Then .650 l of water. I drank some juice for breakfast and some more water. For lunch, I ate out with family. Mixed reviews about the weight. My sister said I looked the same. My brother-in-law said he thinks I got thinner. I feel thinner, but no one else has said anything really. I ordered a Salad ala Judy Ann (no dressing), then for a main I had a large brown rice risotto (no oil and butter) and Salad ala Fr. JG Bernas SJ (no dressing, no cheese) And for dessert I had another brown rice risotto. Regular. Drank water in between. For a snack, I ate 6 whole pieces of saba. I drank two bottles of juice, .650 liters each, before dinner. I think I'll drink more juice a little later. Tomorrow, I'm back to drinking green smoothies for breakfast :) Yay!

Some observations : 

I noticed that I did get a lot of brainstorms this week, but they were big picture brainstorms. I wasn't very detail-oriented, and in fact, I sent a couple of emails/texts to the wrong people and in some emails, the wrong attachments. There's a reason why we are discouraged to not plan anything or make major decisions during a fast! I won't plan any events during the week when I do a juice-only fast next year. My bad for 2012. But lesson learned.

What say we do a juice fast one day a week every week in 2012? :)


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