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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Things to celebrate from the past two years :)

I never got to blog about last year's highlights! Someone complained that I haven't been updating the blog as much lately. Sorry!

Better late than never, though! Briefly, here are some of those highlights:

2013 was an amazing year where I got more into 80/10/10.

I ran my first 5k!

I won a game in my first badminton tournament and improved my standing from the previous year's. (I didn't win the championship but I was super psyched to have started this late and gotten ahead)

I was pronounced anemia-free! 

I went on a road trip in the US with no trips to the hospital :)

I went to a beach wedding allergy-free!

I made dishes for family members without feeling sorry for myself I couldn't eat them. (Yay for taste testers on standby!)

I committed to eating healthy one day at a time.

I stepped in as moderator for an 80/10/10 author while she worked on her book.

In 2014, I was less strict about 80/10/10. I allowed myself some more fat than was recommended and even non-80/10/10 food. I felt like I was missing some kind of source for minerals, so I told my accountability partners that I was going to not be so strict about 80/10/10.

I actually felt less than optimal, even experiencing bouts of insomnia. So I am wondering if maybe I ought to go back on 80/10/10 a little more strictly. We shall see.

One exciting thing from 2014 was climbing Mt. Pulag with friends :) That was an amazing time!

January 5-10, 2014  will be a week of prayer and juice fasting. Aside from my church's suggested prayer points, I will also be praying for personal guidance on tweaking my health regimen, as well as a new health-related business sideline that I am very excited about!

Here's to many breakthroughs and growing more intimate with Him! Here's to being filled to overflow!

PS My mom was hospitalized in 2014 and could not chew her own food for a while. We prayed about considering a food tube for her, eventually deciding on letting her get it, and so far it is helping. Part of what her nurses place in the tube are fruit- and vegetable-based raw smoothies, and many have told us that she looks healthier, and even her doctors are pleased with her improvement. Praise God! :)

I owe God Almighty my health and all these things that I celebrate!


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