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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Banana Run Baseline Statistics: 3 Years Younger

I'm fixing the index for my recipes so that they could be easily found, and I saw this draft that never got posted!

The Banana Run was a race I signed up for back when I was working in Bangko Sentral! Thanks again to the organizers!

I talked to one of the trainers at the gym.  I was hoping he would
recommend ab crunches to improve my midsection but nooo. He said cardio would get rid of it.

That’s why I am excited we have a 6-month running clinic at work. It’s
called Banana Run and I am super excited. We get a banana each time we
complete a session. And it’s not going to be just runs. We’ll have
calisthenics (with a bit of ab work, so it’s a blessing. Got my wish!).
Some people think doing calisthenics is tougher than the actual run.  I just want those abs!

Since it's not a one time thing, I thought it would be perfect for training
for the zombie run a friend signed me up for. I also have this dress that I
want to wear!  And lastly, (though it ought to be first on my agenda!) I
want to correct my running form. One of the speakers at the launch last
Tuesday said speed comes later. Proper form first!
   - A friend corrected my arm swing, and another corrected how my feet
   land and how I’m supposed to push the foot up so I spring to make longer
   strides, etc. Love all my friends who push me beyond what I think I can
   handle! Iron sharpening iron!

Proverbs 27:17 As *iron sharpens iron*, so one man sharpens another.

and I've been getting advice on how to run. Go running!
I woke up earlier than usual today too!

We got our baseline statistics last Tuesday, and my Real Age is 3 years
younger than my chronological age! The gal doing the orientation said we
ought to aim for 5 years younger. So hopefully, at the end of six months,
I’ll be reporting better muscle composition, and two more years shaved off.
There was also a chance to check the levels of our antioxidants but I
didn’t do that anymore. Hopefully, I’ll get to that again.

I forgot to buy some wakame. I’ll  need to pick some up because I can feel
some sodium cravings coming up!

Thursday, we'll get to see and  hopefully meet Coach Rio.


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