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Friday, April 8, 2011

Raw Food Prep Class : On the Road to Raw

Hey hey hey! Good news! For those who missed On the Road to Raw last weekend, there is a repeat tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th! Yay!

I really enjoyed the langka-luya smoothie which can be made into an ice cream (what a hit!). There were so many other memorable dishes, such as the Thai-inspired papaya rice! Yumsters!

Hehe! The group didn't bother to wipe the insides of the bowl for presentation purposes, but you know what, it didn't matter! It was soooo good! And I have to commend them for non-soy version they made for me which is in the little wooden bowl. Instead of Bragg liquid aminos, they used honey. 

This is a workshop, so bring your own apron and knife :D Send your helper if you're not the type who likes to get her hands dirty. But really, you are missing out if you don't prepare your own food, and more prone to quit raw if you are dependent on someone else to do this (Unless your name is Demi Moore and you have your own raw food chef!)

If this is your first time to attend a raw food seminar, don't worry about getting hungry! You will feel full after attending. I promise!

They ran out of kelp last time too, so if you are curious about trying kelp noodles - buy them as soon as you walk in the door!

*Disclosure: Asha is one of my contacts in the raw world. I got a discount in the last workshop but only because I don't eat tomatoes and soy - and some of the dishes had these. I don't get discounts for buying any of her other stuff :D I pay full price for my kelp, which I eagerly await!

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