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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuff Raw Foodies Like #2: Raw Chocolate

For the longest time, I couldn't eat regular chocolate because I would get laryngitis in winter (almost always February-ask my former coworkers in the Pacific Northwest!) or in August when it rains in Manila. Thank you to Dr. Emmanual Ibay of Makati Med for helping me figure that out that I had to change my lifestyle, including cutting out chocolate  (as well as a host of other harmful food) out of my diet. Half a decade laryngitis-free! Yay!

Since starting raw, I've been reintroducing small doses of raw cacao and toasted carob (tastes a little bit like chocolate) into my rotation (very difficult to find raw carob in the Philippines! Kontactr me if you know someone who supplies this locally!). So far so good! I listen to my body though. It knows when too much is too much.

It is interesting to note that there is a group of raw foodists that claim it is a super food, while some other raw foodists say they can do without it, or take only a little.

Here it is as a sauce with nuts and goji berries*.

What are your favorite raw chocolate desserts?

*Have you tried goji berries? These taste fine in a trail mix, but alone? Eeek. They need some getting used to.

They are considered a super food and the Chinese in Manila use it a lot in traditional Chinese medicine. I am glad my dessert is my medicine.How many fad diets can say that about their dessert?


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